Blender Tilt Shift Video

I got inspired by this video to change a rather boring clip into a toyland tilt/shift clip with Blender, a free software.

With Blender tilt/shift becomes reasonably easy. Even though the tutorial uses an older version, it’s pretty much the same on the current Blender v.2.79b.

If your video is stable, or you use some sort of slide or zoom then effect you don’t need to stabilize it. That will save some time. The actual rendering took about 3-5 Seconds per frame and my i3 with 16Gb RAM.

After the tilt/shift I created a little from/to transition with some added text in Blender. Here is a screenshot from the short video production from after the render:


This was rather easy to do.

And the video:

Try it, it’s fun to do. Can take a while though. I found Blender not that easy to use. But it’s worth it, it has some amazing video functions.

This video was created with Blender version 2.7.9b – the current version is 2.93.5 – you can always get the latest version >here

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