Dark Raw


A list of some hopefully useful resources

There is of course darktable itself, currently in version 4.2.0

A few Youtube video resources:
darktable youtube video tutorials by Bruce Williams Photography. I put his long list of videos on their own page.

A dabble in photography has a very good series on masks. Highly recommended! His videos are rather new. Many good topics. Also very image oriented. Some videos are in French.

Boris Hajdukovic Youtube channel has many image focussed tutorials. The early ones are silent (plus music), and some newer ones he explains what he is doing. His techniques can be very asvanced and hard to follow. I only listed the first 28, latest one is #47.

Episode 1
Episode 2: Framing
Episode 3: Deep blue sky
Episode 4: Gentle Green
Episode 5: Sculpting with light
Episode 6: cherry blossoms
Episode 7: Utopia
Episode 8: cantata
Episode 9: Soft look
Episode 10: chill out
Episode 11: old windmill
Episode 12: Glowing fields
Episode 13: confluence
Episode 14
Episode 15: Flower bud
Episode 16: yellow butterfly
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19: Into the mist
Episode 20: Illuminated
Episode 21: autumn mood
Episode 22: new dynamic range compression
Episode 23: color balance module only
Episode 24: Ruin in the snow
Episode 25: with german voiceover
Episode 26: the boat (with german voiceover)
Episode 27: dynamic range compression (with german voiceover)
Episode 28: quick edits (playing with channel mixer)

Old (darktable version 2.0.3) video about Highpass and Lowpass module, but fully applies to version 2.6.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0kjSvW93L0


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